50+ Tips and Tricks Using the WhatsApp Application

50+ Tips and Tricks Using the WhatsApp Application

50+ Tips and Tricks Using the WhatsApp Application in Hindi

One application that is almost always on a smartphone is WhatsApp. This instant messaging application belongs to Facebook is preferred because its use is simple, easy and fairly light, besides of course its name is trendy and is well known to many people.

In 2018, Daily social has a new column that will specifically review things more deeply. This will be my first edition, where we will review at least 50 ways to use whatsapp for beginners and even those who have used it. Furthermore, this full WhatsApp guide will be updated regularly so don’t be surprised if the collection of tips will touch the numbers 70, 80 or maybe 100 guides.

#1 Download WhatsApp

To download the WhatsApp application, all you need is data quota, sufficient memory and supported devices or operating systems.
The WhatsApp application can be downloaded at this link via a PC, or through the Play Store application on your device.
WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Inc.
February 7, 2019
Varies with device
Whereas operating systems are no longer supported, among others
Android versions older than 2.3.3
Windows Phone 8.0 and earlier
iPhone 3GS / iOS 6
Nokia Symbian S60
BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry 10
For the operating system below, you can no longer create a new account. However, you can still continue to use WhatsApp:
Nokia S40 until December 31, 2018
Android versions 2.3.7 and earlier until February 1, 2020
iOS 7 and earlier until February 1, 2020

#2 Register a WhatsApp Account

The first step after the application is installed on the device is to register a new account.
Initially, run WhatsApp
Then verify your cellphone number first, enter the country code (+62), then the active mobile number.
Next, WhatsApp will send a verification code to the number.
To ensure verification is going well, there are a number of things you need to know.
Make sure you have disabled all call blocking features or applications.
Make sure the cellphone number used can receive phone calls.
Disable all text message blockers, such as Text Secure, Handcent, etc.
Disable all task deactivating applications, such as the Advanced Task Killer application.

#3 Reinstall WhatsApp

Like most applications, WhatsApp can’t be separated from the name of the error. If this happens, and you intend to reinstall WhatsApp, the steps that must be taken start from,
Uninstalling the WhatsApp application, the method is quite easy. Tap the Settings menu – Apps – WhatsApp, then tap the Uninstall button. However, if your Whatsapp is a default application, then just delete all application data and run it again as usual, but you have to repeat the verification steps like when you first use WhatsApp.

#4 Activating Two-Step Security

Optional two-step verification security feature to add a second protective layer to your account. When you enable two-step verification, every attempt to verify your telephone number on WhatsApp must be accompanied by a six-digit PIN that you created using this feature.
To enable two-step verification, open WhatsApp, open the Settings menu or Settings – Account – Two-step verification – Activate or Settings – Account – Two step verification – Enable, then enter six versions of your security code. This code must be remembered, because WhatsApp will at any time request re-verification.
#5 Changing Profile Photos
Run the WhatsApp application – Menu Button – Settings.
Tap your profile photo – Camera icon.
Select a photo from the gallery or take a new photo with the camera.
# 6 Change the Name
Run the WhatsApp application – Menu Button – Settings.
Tap your name, then tap the pencil button right next to the name, then type the new name as desired.
#7 How to Make a New Status on WhatsApp
Since a few months ago, WhatsApp allowed users to create new statuses that friends can read.
Open WhatsApp – Status screen.
Tap the pencil icon for the status in the form of text, or the camera icon for the status in the form of photos / videos.
You can take a new photo or video or choose an existing one from the gallery, then tap the send button.
#8 How to Set Privacy Status
The privacy settings in Status allow you to determine who can see your status.
Tap the Status window – Settings – Privacy status.
how to use whatsapp for beginners_1
From there, specify who can see the status, can My Contacts, My Contact Except or only to certain contacts.
#9 How to Delete a WhatsApp Account
To delete your WhatsApp account
Open WhatsApp.
Press Menu Button – Settings – Account – Delete my account or Settings – Account – Delete my Account.
#10 Changing WhatsApp Numbers
Make sure the new number is active.
Open WhatsApp – Menu Button – Settings – Account – Change number.
How to Change WhatsApp Mobile Number
Enter your old phone number in the top box.
Enter your new phone number in the bottom box.
How to Change WhatsApp Mobile Number
Tap Done at the top of the screen.
You will be asked to verify your new telephone number. The verification method can be seen in guide number # 1 above.
#11 Starting a Conversation
To start a new conversation, you have several options
Directly from WhatsApp: Tap the Chat menu, then tap the message icon in the lower right and select an existing contact.
From the Contact smartphone application: The majority of contact applications display information that the number is already registered on WhatsApp, and from there you can immediately send messages via WhatsApp.
#12 Creating a Group
Open the Chat tab on WhatsApp.
Select Menu – New group (New Group).
Select the contacts you want to add to the group, then tap the green arrow.
Type the group subject. This will be the group name that will be seen by all members.
Tap the green checkmark after it’s finished.
#13 How to delete a group
Besides the option to create groups, WhatsApp also provides a feature to delete groups that have been created.
Open the group then discard one by one group member
After the group is clean, tap Exit Group or exit the group to see the option to delete the group permanently.
#14 Adding New Group Members
Open the group on WhatsApp, then tap the info group.
tap the Add participant option or add participants.
Search or select the contacts you want to add to the group.
Tap the green checkmark after it’s finished.
#15 Issue Group Members
Open the group on WhatsApp, then tap the info group.
On the participant panel, press one of the contacts and hold it until a new menu appears.
Then tap the Remove option (member name) or Delete (participant name).
#16 Adding a Group Admin
To make a participant an admin:
Open the group on WhatsApp, then tap group info.
Tap and hold the name of one of the members you want to become an admin.
Tap Make group admin or Make admin group.
Repeat the steps above if there are other people who also want to be admin.
#17 Stop an admin
To stop an admin:
Open the group on WhatsApp, then tap group info.
Tap and hold the contact that is the admin then tap Dismiss as admin or Stop as admin.
#18 Managing Who Can Change Group Info
The WhatsApp group can be changed as needed, and anyone can do so if from the start it is determined that way. But, the admin can also change this setting, for example, so that group info can only be accessed by the admin.
how to use WhatsApp for beginners_3
Open the group, then tap Group Settings / Group Settings
Then tap Edit group info and specify who can change group information.
#19 Manages Who May Send Messages to the Group
This feature is new because it was just rolled out last week. Kelaniya is to regulate who can send new messages to the group.
how to use WhatsApp for beginners_3
Open the group, then tap Group Settings / Group Settings
Then tap the Send Message option and choose who can send the message, whether all members or only an admin.
#20 Set Group Notifications
In addition to private message notifications, on WhatsApp, you can also make different notifications for new messages from the group.
how to use WhatsApp for beginners_3
Tap group info, then tap Special notifications.
Put a check mark in the option Use special notifications, then specify your own notification tones, vibrate tones, popups and lights. With this setting, you can easily distinguish group messages and private messages.
#21 Silencing the Group
In certain situations, there are times when someone wants a quieter atmosphere than group notification disorder. Fortunately, WhatsApp provides a tool to do this.
Tap group info, then activate the Mute notification option.
#22 Reporting as Spam
As a WhatsApp user, you can’t dodge when someone is added to the group. Even though you don’t want it. The solution is that you can leave the group or report it as spam.
To report a group as spam, just look at group info then tap the Report spam option in the bottom menu.
#23 Change the name, description and group image
Group names and descriptions can be changed as much as possible, and the contents can be anything, as long as they are in accordance with the rules and norms. To change it, just tap the group info, then tap the pencil button at the top to change the name.
how to use WhatsApp for beginners_4
As for the description, just tap the Add group description option.
The group profile picture can be changed by tapping the default photo, then tap the pencil icon and select the photo you want, you can from the gallery, take a new photo or from the web.
#24 Creating a Group Chat Shortcut
Group conversation shortcuts help you cut the time to open new messages in a particular group. So, you don’t have to open the WhatsApp application first and scroll the screen to find it. But it is enough to open the lock screen and tap the shortcut, then you will immediately be delivered to the group conversation window.
How open the WhatsApp group then tap the menu button – Other – additional Pentasa.
#25 Managing Media Groups
The group has a special panel to collect various media that have been sent by members and admin. This panel helps all members to review images, documents, and links that have been sent since the group was created.
The panel can by pressing the menu button – Media group.
Later there will be three menu tabs, including Media, Documents and Links.
#26 Ways to Mentor Friends in the Group
This feature allows you to specifically call someone who is in the same group. When you call someone, a notification will be sent to that person. To mention someone in the group, just type the symbol “@” and select the person’s name from the list displayed.
#27 How to Send Voice Mail
On WhatsApp, you can also send voice messages. To do this, do these steps.
Open the chat window.
Tap and hold the microphone icon then start talking.
When done, lift your finger from the microphone. Voice messages will be sent automatically.
#28 How to Share Your Latest Location Live
In certain situations, for example, when you want your friends or family to know your current position, you can simply do this step.
Open a chat.
Tap the Attach menu – Location – Share the current location.
how to use WhatsApp for beginner_realtime location
Choose the time you want to share your current location. Your current location will stop being shared after a certain period of time you choose ends.
Then tap send.
#29 Sharing the Latest Locations
The second option, WhatsApp also offers the latest location sharing tools that are not live. That is, the recipient cannot see
#30 Ways to Send Media, Documents or Videos
Create a new chat, or open an existing chat.
Tap the Attach menu, then select one of several available options:
Media choices that can be sent include:
Select Document to select documents from your device.
Select Camera to take photos with your camera.
Select Gallery to select photos or videos that are already on your mobile. You can tap and hold to select multiple images at once.
Select Audio to record voice messages or send audio that is already on a smartphone.
Select Location to send another location or place around you.
Select Contacts to send contact information stored in your contacts via WhatsApp.
#31 How to Forward or Forward Messages and Media
This feature functions almost the same as what we encounter in an e-mail, namely to forward text or media messages that we receive to other people. How:
Open a chat.
Tap and hold on the message or media you want to forward. You can choose several messages and/or media to be forwarded at once.
Tap Forward.
Select the conversation that you want to send the message or media.
Tap Send.
#32 Adding Emojis to Photos and Videos
Before the photos and videos are sent, you can do a little polishing so that the photos and videos you send look more attractive.
Take a new photo/video, or upload it from the gallery.
Swipe up to see the editing tools, then select what you want to add to the photo or video.
To add emojis, tap the smiley icon on the top right and select the one you want.
#33 Adding Text to Photos or Videos
Next, you can also add text to the photo.
Take a new photo/video, or upload it from the gallery.
Swipe up to see the editing tools, then select what you want to add to the photo or video.
To add text, tap the T icon on the top right and type the text you want to display.
#34 Add Hand Scribbles on Photos and Videos
Not yet finished, you can also add hand strokes with beautiful colors. The way,
Take a new photo/video, or upload it from the gallery.
Swipe up to see the editing tools, then select what you want to add to the photo or video.
Tap the pencil icon button, specify the color by sliding the color bar, then move your hand and make objects or writing as you like.
#35 Cutting Photos
Crop feature is arguably a standard feature in photo editing applications and even instant messaging applications like WhatsApp. This feature is also placed on a photo editing tool as in tips number 33 and 34 above.
Swipe up to see the editing tools, then select what you want to add to the photo or video.
Tap the crop button on the top right, exactly in the first place.
Then you just move the area you want to cut, then tap Done if it feels right. The image has been cut and ready to be sent.
#36 Set the Auto-download Feature
The auto download feature serves to manage how media such as images, documents, and videos are downloaded. By default, all media are downloaded automatically, but you have the freedom to determine which network will download media automatically. We have reviewed the fuller tutorial in the article: Save data when using WhatsApp.
#37 Inserting Emoji into a Message
Sending messages in text form certainly feels bland. For this reason, WhatsApp provides a collection of emojis that can be seen by tapping the smiley icon right next to the message column. Some emojis are available in different skin colors.
If you want to choose emojis of different colors, tap and hold the emoji you want to use and choose the color you want. When you choose emojis of different colors, this will be your default emoji color.
#38 Quick Ways to Delete All Chat
Individual chats can be deleted by clicking and holding one of the chats, then tap the trash can icon in the top menu. However, if the chat you want to delete in large numbers, of course, this method is very troublesome. WhatsApp provides a solution through this arrangement.
On the Chat tab, tap Menu Button – Settings – Chat – Chat history.
Tap Clear all chat. Individual chats will be removed from your Chat tab, including Status updates. However, group chats will still be visible on the Chat tab, and you will still be part of these groups.
#39 Cleaning Chat Messages Without Closing the Chat Window
On WhatsApp, you can also clear chat contents without closing the chat window. This means that chat will still be visible in the Chat tab menu but with an empty condition.
On the Chat tab, open the chat that you want to clean.
Tap the Men Button
#40 Easy Ways to Clean Chat without Closing the Chat Window
But if the number of chats you want to clean is very large, you can do it at once in this way.
On tab Chatting, tap Menu Button – Settings – Chat – Chat history.
Tap Clear all chat. This will clear all messages in your chat. All chats will remain in your Chat tab.
#41 Ways to Thicken Chat Messages
Not many people know, that on WhatsApp you can also send messages in various formats, for example in bold or bold. In fact, the method is very easy.
Just add a star character (*) at the beginning and end of the text, for example * thick *
#42 How to Tilt Chat Messages
To tilt the text, add the underscore character (_) at the beginning and end of the text, for example, _miring_.
#43 How to Cross out Chat Messages
To tilt the text, add the tilde symbol (~) at the beginning and end of the text, for example, ~ text ~.
#44 How to Make a Link “Click to Chat” or Click to Chat,
The Click to Chat feature allows one to start a conversation with WhatsApp without having to save the phone number into the contact first. Initial conditions, you must know the telephone number of the person who is intended. By clicking the link, a chat with that person will open automatically.
To create your own link, use the link in this format: https://wa.me/< cellphone number> where <mobile number> is a complete mobile number in an international format. Eliminate zeros, parentheses or dashes when adding telephone numbers in international format.
#45 How to Make a Video Call on WhatsApp
The video calling feature is fairly new on WhatsApp, and not all devices can use it. Video calls are only available for users using Android OS 4.1+.
To make a WhatsApp video call, just open chat with the person you want to call and tap the video icon to start the call. Next, a new window will open.
#46 Receive WhatsApp video calls
When someone makes a video call to you, you will see a screen for incoming WhatsApp video calls with several options:
To receive a video call, swipe the video call icon up.
To reject a video call, swipe the close icon, the red call up.
To reject a phone call with a quick reply, swipe the message icon up
#47 How to Block WhatsApp Numbers
Tap Menu Button – Settings – Account – Privacy – Blocked Contacts.
Tap Add.
Select the contact you want to block from the displayed list.
how to use complete WhatsApp – how to block WhatsApp numbers
how to use complete WhatsApp – how to block WhatsApp numbers
Open one of the chats, then tap the menu button – other – block.
Or, if the number you want to block is not saved, how to:
Open chat with the unknown contact.
Tap Blokir.
#48 Solution Failed to Download Media
Downloading media should not be difficult, but if you find a problem, it is most likely caused by one of these problems:
Your smartphone may experience connectivity problems.
The date and time of the smartphone are not set correctly.
There is not enough space on the SD/memory card.
SD cards are set in read-only mode.
The SD card is damaged.
#49 Solution Failed to Update or Install WhatsApp
There are several conditions that cause update or installation failure.
For error codes: 413, 481, 491, 492, 505, 907, 921, 927, 941 and DF-DLA-15
Delete your Google account, how to tap the -User & Account Settings menu.
Select your Google account and select Delete Account.
Turn off your device and then turn it back on.
Re-add your Google account by opening the Settings menu – Users & accounts – Add an account – Google.
Log in to your account.
Clean your Google Play Store cache first, then also delete Google Play Store data.
Try downloading WhatsApp again.
If the problem is caused by insufficient storage space on your mobile, you can try to clear the cache and Google Play Store data:
Open your phone settings, then tap Applications – Google Play Store – Delete Cache and Delete Data.
If you feel it is necessary, you should uninstall some applications that you feel are not important or delete some large photos and videos.
Restart your phone, then try downloading WhatsApp again.
Even, there are already 50 tips and tricks on how to use WhatsApp for beginners who have just known this instant messaging application. We will continue to update this tutorial as we add features on WhatsApp.
#50 Ways to Manage Account Privacy
In addition to privacy status, you can also manage the privacy of your personal information. The method is to limit who can and can see your profile.
To set it up, select the menu button – Settings – Account – Privacy.
Then determine who can see the information the last time you were online, profile photos, contact info, current status, and location.

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