How to download a photo or video on Instagram

How to download a photo or video from a private profile on Instagram

Greetings, dear readers!
Instagram has been one of the most popular social networks among Russian-speaking users for several years . And as you know, the more users in the social. networks, the more questions of a different type they have😊
The theme of downloading this or that content from Instagram is very popular among our readers. At their numerous requests, we have already dealt with the topics in detail:
Today we go further and want to tell you how you can download a photo or video from a closed, that is, private, profile to Instagram. This can be done, but you will have to tinker a little more, since, to preserve the privacy of users, Instagram deliberately closes links to publications in closed accounts. And, as you know, all known applications and specialized download sites just work on the basis of these very links.
Before we cover the topic, I want you to be neat!
IMPORTANT! There are a large number of websites and downloads on the Internet that promise to help download photos / videos from Instagram, but in fact are either virus-infected programs or make you answer polls and give empty promises.
Never install programs on your computer or phone whose integrity is not 100% sure !!!
Returning to our topic, below I will tell you how to download photos and videos from a closed Instagram profile, if  you are an approved subscriber of a closed account .
It is a pity to upset you, but  if you are NOT a subscriber to a closed profile , then there is no way / program that would allow you to either view the profile or download something from it. Any sites / applications that promise this are not true and will not help you. So, first become a subscriber, and then go to this article again 😉The only thing you can download being just a random passerby – avatar. How to do this, you can read here .
Well, we go further. By the way, then you will find two ways to download content from Instagram:
manual download;
downloading through special computer programs.
How to download a photo or video from a closed Instagram account if you are a subscriber
For open insta profiles everything is very simple! For download you need only a link to the post and any site like ,  and the like.
But if you try to find a link to a post in a closed profile, then you will not see such an option there.
In order to download a photo or video from a private insta account, you will have to transfer from phone to computer, as it will not work on the phone!  You will also need Google Chrome browser. You can use any other, but, in my opinion, for these purposes, working with Chrome is a little easier.
Step 1. Open the computer version of Instagram on Google Chrome – . Then log into your insta profile.
Step 2.  Next, in the search bar, enter the name of the user whose photo or video you want to download. Remember that you need to be already approved by the subscriber to download something !!!
Step 3.  After you have entered a closed user profile, find the post that you want to save yourself.
Step 4.  Next, when the desired publication opens, move the cursor to the post and click the right mouse button. Select the option ” View Code “.
Step 5.  Next, find a line similar to:
<div class = “_ 4rbun” style = “padding-bottom: 100%;”>
and click on it quickly twice.
You will see all information about the publication, including text and a link to a photo / video. Find the largest size of the media file that Instagram offers, and copy the link to it by clicking on it twice.
Please note that you only need to copy the link that is between quotes . Try not to capture the extra elements that will break it!
…… .. Have a great day and more videos of views! ” 08 / e35 / 14052626_2091060037786275_1156023670_n.jpg 640w, https: //, as applicable. 1080W »the src =» »style = “”> </ Div>
Step 6.  Finally, paste the copied link into a new browser window and press enter. You should open the media file in full size and best quality.
Now it only remains to save the file by clicking on the right mouse button and selecting something like “Save As”, depending on the browser you are using.
Well done! You have saved your first photo or video from the closed profile of Instagram that you follow! Congratulations!
How to download a photo or video from a closed Instagram account through the program
If you are going to download a large number of photos from a closed account and you do not want to manually “shovel” all the links through the program code, then you can use special programs.
There are a lot of such programs on the Internet, but I can recommend the following, which work in Russian:

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