How do I download or save a YouTube video to my computer?

YouTube is arranged particularly to empower customers to watch and view chronicles on their site. Various customers need to download or save their most cherished YouTube chronicles to their PC so they can watch them without being related with the Internet, or on various devices.

YouTube doesn’t empower you to download chronicles direct from their site. You need to use a download organization on another webpage to download a YouTube video. Coming up next are a couple of options for downloading and survey YouTube accounts on your PC in vain.

Use a site to save YouTube video to your PC


Today, various destinations empower you to enter the URL of the video you have to extra to your PC and get an associate with download the video report. Coming up next are the methods for downloading a YouTube video with one such webpage,


The value of downloading a YouTube video on the webpage doesn’t work viably in the Internet Explorer web program. If regardless of all that you use Internet Explorer, you ought to download a substitute program, for instance, Firefox or Chrome.

In any case, go to the YouTube page containing the video you have to download. When you’ve found the page, press Ctrl+L on your comfort to highlight the substance in the area bar, and after that Ctrl+C to copy the Internet address. If you are on an Apple PC, substitute Ctrl with the Command key (āŒ˜).

Go to the site

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The page exhibits a book box where you can enter the URL of a YouTube video. Snap inside the substance box to put your substance cursor there, by then stick the area that you imitated in stage 1 by crushing Ctrl+V (or āŒ˜+V on a Mac).

Screen catch: Paste the YouTube URL into the KeepVid substance box.

A see thumbnail image of your video is demonstrated 5 to 10 seconds resulting to staying the YouTube video URL in stage 3. Snap the blue Best Download get by the video see.

Screen catch: Click the Best Download get.

Dependent upon the Internet program and its settings, you may see a short asking what you have to do with the video archive. Select the Save choice to save the record to your PC. The video report may in like manner start downloading rapidly with no short.

If the video opens direct in your program, right-click the video and pick Save Video As.

Screen catch: Right-click the video in your web program, and pick Save video as.

The report name defaults to the video name or “videoplayback” with a record extension of either mp4 or webm, dependent upon the best quality video available for that URL.

Screen catch: The Save trade box opens, with the default filename.



The “best download” catch may not show to you the genuine archive position you will download. For instance, the catch may state “MP4” paying little mind to whether the best open arrangement is WEBM.

At whatever point needed, change the report name to something related to your specific video. You don’t need to enter the record development, (for instance, .webm). The increase is added to the archive thusly.

Screen catch: Rename the report and snap Save.

Snap Save to save your video. Obviously, it is saved to your downloads envelope.

Download HD YouTube video with youtube-dl

In case you have to download a YouTube video in HD (first rate), your decisions are limited. Most locales, for instance, the one recorded above, don’t empower you to download HD video to no end.

In any case, the free program youtube-dl can download any available YouTube video course of action to your PC, including the HD version.The youtube-dl.exe executable record can be run truly from your heading brief. For example, to download the best idea of a YouTube video, run youtube-dl.exe URL, where URL is the URL of the video on YouTube.In the model displayed over, the video downloaded by youtube-dl was the HD version, with an objectives of 1920×1080 pixels. The record was saved in the MKV position, which is maintained by various media players, for instance, VLC.

By assessment, a comparative video downloaded from the KeepVid webpage was the SD (standard definition) structure, with an objectives of 640×360 pixels in spite of the way that the site recorded the “best download” as HD.

For an all out manual for using youtube-dl, see our article How to download YouTube chronicles and sound with youtube-dl.

You can’t download private chronicles in light of the way that the YouTube download organization would not have the imperative rights to get to them.

Notwithstanding all that I can’t download a video

If consequent to following the methods above, you don’t get an audit like our model, guarantee that the association you are using works by opening the page in another window. At the point when checked as working, endeavor the above advances yet again. If the methods continue not to work, have a go at fortifying this page by crushing the F5 key on your reassure and following the above advances afresh.

YouTube bookmarklet, program extra things, and developments

If you plan on downloading a couple of chronicles, you can in like manner use the Computer Hope YouTube bookmarklet. See our bookmarklet page for more information about bookmarklets. There are also program extra things for Firefox and extensions for Google Chrome to download from video areas.

Directions to download accounts using a program add-on or development

Various projects reinforce the limit with respect to extra things or growthes to be acquainted with download spouting chronicles.

Download chronicles using a Firefox add-on

To download accounts (tallying YouTube) using Firefox, we propose the extra called YouTube Download Plus. To present the extra, seek after the present method underneath.

Downloading accounts using Chrome enlargements


Google doesn’t empower any expansion in Google Chrome to download YouTube chronicles. In any case, the model underneath enables you to download chronicles from most other video areas.

For Google Chrome, we recommend presenting the Video Downloader Professional development. To download this enlargement, seek after the present strategy underneath.

Visit the Video Downloader Professional extension on the Chrome web store.

Snap the Add to Chrome catch Add to chrome once open.

Snap Add extension.


In the wake of presenting the extension, if a video is open to download, a green down jolt Download jolt appears in the upper right corner of the window and empowers you to download the video.

Various goals have moved to spilling video, which makes it less difficult to see a video on the web, yet logically difficult to download the video for detached overview. Coming up next is a once-over of pages that can help you in get accounts to your PC, mobile phone, tablet, or another contraption.

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