Top 22 tricks for Instagram know all its secret features

Top 22 tricks for Instagram know all its secret features

Instagram has been crowned as the queen of social networks, and today we bring you your hidden secrets to take advantage of the game.
Instagram has made an important role in our devices. If we do not have a profile created in this social network it seems that we are invisible. We consult it daily and at all hours because it entertains us. There are so many functionalities that overflow content in abundance, from the popular stories to Instagram TV, it is impossible to get bored. And even so, although it may seem that we know it, the app has some very well kept secrets. As we did with Netflix and YouTube, now it’s time to get to know Instagram.
The most enthusiastic fans of the social network can not miss this top of tricks for Instagram with which we will be able to take advantage of all its functionalities. However hidden they may have been, we will bring them to light.

#1 Use the Nametag to share our profile


Instagram recently implemented Nametag function or identification cards. This new tool, apart from being very visual, allows people to be found without the need of having their profile’s name. The number of users who use this social network is such that it is increasingly difficult to get a simple username. The Nametag facilitates the search and, in addition, they are customizable.
Go to your profile settings -> click on the icon in the form of a list in the upper right corner-> identification card

#2 Press and hold to place a solid background in the stories

Possibly you already know the stories of Instagram and what they give of themselves. Every day we see authentic works of art in vertical format, and the application itself has some secret features that you can exploit. The one we propose here allows you to fill in a solid background with the story you are about to post. To do so, you should simply do the following:
Access the camera from Instagram and take a photo of any kind -> choose the brush tool with which color you want -> hold the screen.

#3 The color palette for Instagram stories

Another functionality is very similar to the previous one that will allow you to access a much more complete color palette than the one proposed by the app.
Choose the brush tool within the story you are creating -> press and hold on any color. 

#4 How to protect our account


Protecting our account allows us to anticipate major disasters. Instagram gives us the possibility that we can only log in through a verification code. Only with him, we can log in with our credentials in other devices because we will receive it as a text message. By enabling this option we will be able to protect our account effectively.
Configuration -> Authentication in two steps -> Click on “Start” to get a text message with a login code

#5 Follow hashtags and appear in our stories

The option to follow hashtags allows that in our stories as if it were a profile, it appears the content that the users of the platform hang in relation to what we choose.
Search the content you do not want to miss anything -> select the “#” -> click on “Follow”

#6 Lite version of Instagram

More than a trick. This is something that those with less powerful terminals should know. Instagram is a demanding and heavy application that receives updates constantly. This generates that many users decide to eliminate it from their devices or use them with some other restriction. If your terminal does not have enough power, try Instagram Lite. An application is available on Google Play and much lighter than Instagram.
With Instagram Lite we can use without problems the main features of this social network. It’s from an official Instagram client, so it’s completely secure. You can upload photographs or stories without any problem, yes, if you tend to edit them, better do it beforehand. To be simpler, it does not have all the possibilities of the official app.
If you have problems installing the app because there is a restriction in your country, there is a much simpler way:
1. Open Instagram from the browser of your mobile device.
2. Click on the three points in the upper right corner.
3. Click on ” Add to home screen “.
In this way, you can continue using the features of Instagram without maximizing the performance of your terminal.

#7 Add more than one account on our mobile

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Instagram has simplified the task of managing several accounts from the same terminal. You just have to add them and use them normally. Of course, you may be interested in deactivating the notifications of any of them, or even close the session when you are not going to use it.
Quiet, you will not have to enter the password again when you want to enter one of them. Although you close the session, click on the one we want to start managing will open without a problem.
Click on the name of your profile in the upper corner -> Add account

#8 Share songs in the stories

We are many who were willing to use this function. It will no longer be necessary to make captures and urge your users to look for a certain song, and they will be able to give the play from the story that we upload.
Open Spotify -> click on the three points that appear next to a song -> Share -> Instagram stories

#9 Who have you “liked”?

Instagram also has a record of all the posts you “like” and you can access them.
Settings of your profile -> Settings -> Publications that you liked

#10 Hide last connection


The users that you follow or with whom you have had a conversation via Instagram direct message can see the last time you have connected to the application. This is common in messaging tools, and like most of them, we can also hide the last connection.
Settings of your profile -> Settings -> Activity status -> Disable “Show activity status”.

#11 Visualize our ancient stories

From our profile, we can access all the content that we have been uploading to our Instagram stories. It is a utility more nostalgic than helpful, and that not only shows us the video or photograph that we upload, but also the day.
Click on the clock that appears in the upper right corner of your profile.

#12 How to share publications in our stories

The queen of social networks has a thousand and one details that sometimes happen to us. This is one that many are unaware of despite being well visible in all our publications. With this simple advice, we can share any image, be it our or another user’s, in our stories. The people who follow us can click on the image from the story, and access the content directly. Useful, no? To do so, simply click on the paper plane icon underneath any photograph or video.
Paper airplane icon at the bottom of any publication -> Add publication to your story

#13 Pause Instagram stories

As you can see, sometimes they are small details that are overlooked when using Instagram. And this trick that we tell you now is probably known by most, but it’s good to remember.
When you are viewing a story, you can pause it to devote the time you want. Press on the content you want to see with confidence. If it’s a video, it will freeze, so this is more useful to use with those images that contain

#14 Hide your posts without deleting them

Sometimes we keep an eye on our profile and suddenly there is an image that does not fit us, has stopped us from liking or directly horrifies us. We never erase it because, however horrific it may seem, it is a memory that does not deserve to be eliminated. For this, Instagram has created the option to “Archive” those publications. This will allow us to save the content and that is hidden for users who enter our profile.
Click on the three points that appear on the right side of one of your publications -> click on “Archive”
If at any time you want to access all the archival publications, it is as simple as clicking on the icon in the form of a clock in the upper right corner of your profile. There we will find, not only all the stories that we have been uploading but also all the archived content

#15 Customize the biography of your profile

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Our biography is our cover letter in the social network. It is a section that should not be dismissed because it can give a lot of itself. Instagram limits the personalization of the biographies, but this is not an impediment to using external tools that help us to enlarge our profile.
One of the biggest difficulties is that from Instagram we cannot use line breaks, so if we want to add a lot of information it will appear as a little differentiated text stain.
In order to personalize our biography, which included line breaks, we must use any notes tool. We will write the information that we want to appear, with icons and line breaks included, and we will paste them into our profile.
To paste them:
Edit profile -> Biography -> Paste the text -> Click on the save icon in the upper right corner.

#16 Clear search history

You delete our search history can be useful to do a reset of this tab, or simply to delete something that we do not want anyone to see.
Settings -> Search history -> Clear search history 

#17 Reorder Instagram filters


This was a secret. If something we are realizing is that Instagram allows customizing the application to our liking, so much that you can order the filters. The social network organizes by default all the filters with which we can edit our images and videos, but what you surely did not know is that you can alter that order. And if you have a special hatred for someone, you can also hide it so it does not appear.
To place the filters to your liking, you must first select the content you want to upload. Click on “Next” to show the editing options and once here keep pressing on your favorites and put them at the beginning. You just have to hold and drag them to the position you want.

#18 Hide comments with keywords

Many haters for your profile? Better than to face them, obviate their existence. Instagram allows you to block comments from the keywords you decide. The platform will hide all those comments that contain the keyword you have chosen, will strike them from your profile
Access the Settings in your profile -> Comments controls -> Activate the manual filter -> write the words you do not want to read again.

#19 Save a photo in drafts

On many occasions, we leave a publication ready to see the light and at the last moment, we repent. Do we lose the whole edition? It is not necessary. At the moment of repentance, and from the options of editing the image, click on the icon that allows us to go backward in the edited one. The message “Save in drafts?” Will appear with which you can save that particular publication.

#20 Get statistics

Statistics are often interesting for companies that have an Instagram profile. With them, very interesting data are obtained to know if the communicative strategies are effective or not. It also allows us to know if our users are active, or on the contrary, they do not pay attention to our publications.
To obtain all this information that the platform provides you, you must go on to have a business profile, changing this option in the settings of your profile to “Change to company profile“.
Configuration -> Change to commercial account

#21 Disable comments in your posts

Instagram allows you to block comments so nobody can say anything about your posts. In the “Settings” section of your profile, you will manage to manage this section.
Access the Settings in your profile -> Comments controls -> Allow comments

#22 Useless data

maxresdefault (2)

Using Instagram away from home can quickly consume our data rate. So that this does not happen, the application allows activating the option “Use less data”, so that we save in this aspect. That yes, this can cause the photographies and videos to take more of the account in loading.
Settings -> Use of mobile data -> Use less data
And here’s this top of tricks for Instagram. We hope we have discovered some options that you thought were non-existent and that you can start using. You can already boast of being an expert managing this social network.

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