15 useful Instagram tricks everyone needs to know

15 useful Instagram tricks

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Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks in the world, where more than 4 billion posts are published every day.

Now the number of active users is more than 800 million per month.

And about 35 percent of users use Instagram several times a day.

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If you have never used a platform before or want to become an advanced user, these tricks, additional functions and useful tips will help you transfer your skills to another level.

1. Receive notifications when your favorite users publish.
If you do not want to miss the publication of your favorite authors, then you can set the notification function every time a certain user publishes new photos. All you need is to enable notifications for each user individually.
To do this, go to the user’s page, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the publication and select “Enable publication notification” from the menu that appears.
If you want to disable notifications, follow the same steps. It should be noted that you must activate notifications from the Instagram app in your phone. Here’s how to do it.
To enable notifications on iPhone / iPad: Go to “Settings”, then “Notifications”. Select “Instagram” and turn on the “Enable Notifications” feature.
To enable notifications on Android: Go to “Settings”, then select “Applications”, then “Instagram”. Select the function to display notifications.
#2. How to see all the posts that you liked.
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Want to see all the posts you like? All you need is to go to your profile, and click on the “Options” button (gear icon for iPhone / iPad and ellipsis on Android and click “You liked the publication.
To remove the likes of publications, simply go to the publication and remove the heart icon. Do not worry, the user will not be notified that you removed the Like.
#3. Create a selection of saved publications.
In addition to viewing all the posts you like, Instagram also has the option to save or bookmark specific posts to collections that you yourself create.
Go to your profile and click the bookmark icon in the upper right corner of the menu above the photos.
Select “Collections” and click “Create Collections.” For example, you can create collections related to food.
Click the “Finish” checkbox and you can add photos from your collections. To do this, click on the bookmark icon under the post you want to add.
Then go back to the saved photos by doing the previous steps. You will see the photos you saved. To add them to the collection, select the collection you want to add and click Save to Collection.
#4. View posts that your friends have recently liked or commented on.
When you want to find new people you can subscribe to on Instagram, it’s best to ask your friends. There is a quick way to do this – by viewing the latest likes and comments of people you are following.
To do this, click on the “heart” icon at the bottom of the main window – the first thing that appears there is a list of likes and comments on your photos. Select the bookmark that says “Subscriptions”, and you will see the activity of the users on which you are subscribed.
#5. View photos without worrying about the fact that they accidentally like them.
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This is a useful trick rather than a function. If you want to view someone’s photos, but are afraid that you may accidentally like the publication you did not want, scroll through the Instagram feed in Flight mode. Without Internet access, you will not be able to like a photo, even if you accidentally click on it.
However, the photos will not load if you first turn on the “Flight” mode. Therefore, you must first go to the publications feed, and then turn on the “Flight” mode and start flipping.
#6. Clear search history in Instagram.
Many of us have to erase the search history not only from the browser, but also from the popular social network. Fortunately, this is easy to do.
To clear your search history, go to your profile, go to “Settings” (gear button on iPhone and three points on Android) scroll down and click “Clear search history”
#7. Reorganize the order of filters and hide those that you do not use.
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If you use Instagram a lot, it’s likely that you have several favorite filters, whereas you never use others. To simplify photo editing, set up filters and hide those you don’t need.
Add a new photo and start editing. When you get to the filters, scroll to the right to the very end of the filter page and select “Manage.”
To set your filter order, hold your gray lines with your fingers next to the filter you want to move, and drag it to the right place. To hide the filters, uncheck the boxes next to the filter.
#8. Use Instagram as a photo editor (without publishing anything).
Perhaps you like Instagram filters and editing options, but you are not ready to post a photo to your account right now or ever. To use Instagram as a photo editor, without publishing anything, you need to publish a photo in the “Flight” mode.
First of all, make sure that you have enabled “Save original photos” in the Parameters.
Then turn on Flight mode.
Then follow the same steps as when posting photos on Instagram as usual. An error message appears, but you can find your edited photo in your phone’s photo gallery.
#9. Hide the photos in which you were marked.
When someone marks you in a photo or video on Instagram, it is automatically added to your profile in “Photos with you”, if you don’t choose to add photos marked with you manually.
To see the publications in which you have been marked, go to your profile and click on the little man icon under your biography.
To hide the posts on which you have been marked by other users, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Hide photo”. This will not remove posts from Instagram, but will remove them from your profile, so others will not have access to them.
10. Approve the photos marked with you before they appear in the profile.
As mentioned in the previous tip, when someone marks a photo or video with you on Instagram, it is usually added automatically. But you can change the settings to manually select which photos with you will appear in your profile.
Follow the steps above, click on the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen and in the “photo with you” select “Add manually”.
You will receive notifications when someone marks you in a photo, and you can select “Show in my profile” or “Hide photo”.
#11. View publications from a specific location.
You can view photos and videos from a specific location or near you. This is a particularly convenient thing when traveling, when you want to find a new restaurant or get acquainted with the place.
How to view publications from a specific location.
You can either search for a specific place, or click on geotags on existing photos.
Click on the magnifying glass icon at the bottom of the screen that takes you to the search page. When you click on the search at the top, 4 tabs will appear. Select “Places” and click the place name and then search. You will be shown all the popular and recent places marked in this place.
To view publications with a specific geotag, click on a photo with a geotag and click on a geotag. You will see the most popular and recent publications in this place.
How to view publications from your current location.
Follow the same instructions to get to “Place”, click search and select “Places nearby”.
Select the geotag that you want to view from the selected. For example, “Science Museum, Boston” and see popular and recent posts with this tag.
#12. How to attract traffic to another site.
One of the big problems encountered when advertising on Instagram is the fact that a clickable link to the site is allowed only in the only line “Site” in your profile.
If you insert a link in the caption under the picture, it will appear as plain text. This means that users will need to copy the link, open the browser and paste it there.
One way to attract visitors to your profile where there is a link is to use a photo caption, which encourages people to visit your profile for reference. Update this link to point to the latest blog posts, YouTube videos, products or offers. For example, “Click on the link in our profile to find out the recipe.”
#13. How to hide ads that do not interest you.
Instagram tries to show you ads that will be interesting to you. You’ll see ads based on who you’ve subscribed to and what you like on Instagram or other sites and applications you visit.
If you see an advertisement that does not interest you, you can redo the algorithm of what you like or dislike.
To hide ads on Instagram, click the three dots to the right of the sponsored post and click “Show fewer such posts.”
You will be asked why you do not want to see this advertisement.
#14. How to send photos personally to someone from friends.
Publishing photos for all subscribers is not the only way to share on Instagram. You can also send a publication to one or more users, or send a photo that you or someone else posted.
To upload a photo personally, upload a photo and edit it the same way you edit a new post. When you get to the Share page, click on the top where the “New post” will automatically appear, where you can share who you want to send a photo to.
You can send a photo in person by opening your own or someone else’s publication and clicking on the paper airplane icon under the publication, then selecting the recipient.
#15. Delete comments
Did you know that you can not only delete comments from Instagram, but also delete comments from other accounts that are left on your posts?
Click on the bubble with the text below the post where you commented.

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