Easy Ways to Overcome Blue Screen Of PC Laptop

The Latest Way to Fix a Blue Screen Display on a Laptop Easily and Quickly  
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– Maybe you have experienced or sometimes you have found your laptop or computer things happen that are not desired either in terms of appearance or in terms of other devices and makes you hassle to fix it, even you can bring it to the laptop service to solve the damage that has happened to the laptop. of course, this is very detrimental to us especially in it many important data. I also experienced several problems related to this.
One of the problems that you are experiencing right now in your windows is Windows XP, Windows 7, 8 / 8.1, 10 is the screen display of your laptop or computer that turns blue or the term is a blue screen. the blue screen together with the error and the cause is certain of the damage that is inside it. This blue PC display problem is commonly called the Blues Screen of Death (BSOD) which tells you that there is damage to the software or hardware so that this problem always appears on your laptop.
Why does this happen? Because you could have installed the PS game in which the driver (software) was damaged or the game was heavy which caused damage to the laptop hardware. And actually, your Windows laptop has anticipated it by restarting the laptop automatically while there is an error. you can call it Windows crash. If something happens, then whatever you do, for example typing and not being saved, then the data will be lost.
To overcome this, we provide articles that will solve the problem of blue screen errors on your laptop as well as possible. You can follow this trick to fix it. Below, I provide various ways to solve the problems that occur on your laptop. If one trick doesn’t work, please try the next trick, and so on.
The first trick is to turn off your laptop by pressing the power button for a few seconds until your laptop turns off, at least twenty seconds you hold it back. If you have, please reactivate your laptop. Then you will see several options like Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Safe Mode with Command Prompt and Normally Windows Start. Just select the Windows Start Normally by moving the help button up / down and then enter.
Usually, your Windows will run normally. But if you want your windows, as usual, just press Cancel as shown in the picture below. In that box, a notification will appear. Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown. click Cancel. In that box, you will see Signature Problems such as Event Name Problems, namely Bluescreen, OS Version, Local ID, and others.


The second trick for overcoming the Blue Screen is to use Boot to Safe Mode. Like in a first way, but now we go through Safe Mode, not the Normally Windows Start. in Safe Mode, Windows will take only the important driver data. And if you incorrectly install the driver causing the BSOD to occur, then you can uninstall it through this safe mode.
The third trick is to scan malware. Malicious programs can also cause fatal damage to your laptop. Moreover, viruses that have penetrated into your kernel system so that your operating system becomes unstable, to overcome this problem is to eradicate the virus or malware by using powerful antivirus.
This fourth trick is to use System Restore. System restore is commonly used to restore the state of a laptop / pc or computer at a time before a certain program is run. So suppose this Blue screen starts on October 4, then there is a system restore that is on September 30, then your windows will be like that on September 30. whatever we install and set on the date after 30/09 it will be erased and lost. if there is still a blue screen, it means that the error occurred in the hardware.
This fifth trick is a very powerful trick. this method is to reinstall your windows using your windows driver so that everything will return to normal. If you know how to install, just install it. But if you still have doubts or don’t even know it at all, please ask your friends to reinstall your windows. Or go with the service.
If all the steps you are doing up there do not work at all, then it can be ascertained that the damage is not to your software driver but to the hardware component on your laptop or computer. please change or service the same as the experts. And until here first my encounter regarding Tips on Fixing a blue screen on a laptop. If you are confused, please ask or look for other references. so much.


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