How to make a digital signature and add it in Gmail


Signatures are indeed very useful in any case, be it education, business, negotiations,
and so on. And almost all fields seem to require a signature as proof of verification. It indirectly means that signatures are very important, even documents that cannot be sent and considered valid if there are no signatures; including employment contracts also require signature agreements, as well as many others. But it turns out the signatures are also not used little for online business


purposes. The signatures in online documents are often referred to as digital signatures. Usually used to send e-mail messages. The signature is generally located at the bottom of the letter.
Seeing the signatures affixed to the email, eventually making individuals including
many parties ask how to be able to make these digital signatures. And how do you add the signature in the email service, Gmail?
Actually to add digital signatures to documents on e-mail is fairly easy and you can use it at any time. In addition, this review also guides you to easily add these digital signatures to Gmail.
Then why should Gmail be chosen? the reason is that Gmail is currently the best and most popular email service compared to other email providers. That’s why Gmail was chosen in this tutorial.
Adding digital signatures to online business e-mails will add to the image of your
business’s professionalism in the eyes of customers. Therefore, just go ahead, here is a review on how to make a digital signature and add it in Gmail.

How to make a digital signature

There are many ways that are spread on the internet about making digital signatures, but most provide quite complicated ways. Even some services also require you to register first, so that it will automatically take a lot of your time. So this way, through this review we provide a guide to making the easiest and fastest digital signature compared to other services. Following are the steps.

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  • Please visit the digital signature maker site, Signature Online
  •     Then on the site, you will see an empty box under the words “Draw Your Signature”. You can start making signatures on the box, please use the mouse to help direct. You can make a signature repeatedly until you find the most appropriate signature. if your signature is wrong, just calm down, because you can delete it by pressing the Clear button. If you feel you’ve made a good signature, then click the Save button. A popup will appear later, then click the Download Signature button.

  • If you feel you’ve made a good signature, then click the Save button. A popup will appear later, then click the Download Signature button.
After completing the signature using the online signature service, the next step is to insert the digital signature on the email in your Gmail. But take it easy, because to add a digital signature is fairly easy. There are at least two ways to add digital signatures, namely using the desktop version and the Gmail application on your smartphone. The following will be reviewed in both ways below.

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How to Add Signatures in Gmail Via Computer


    First, open the browser on the computer then enter your Gmail account as usual. If you don’t have a Gmail account, please make it first. You can follow the guidelines for How to Make this Email


  • Next, click on the gear ad in the upper right corner of the screen. Then select Settings or Settings. Just like the picture below.


  • On the Settings page, select General or General. Then scroll down until you see Signature or Signature. Then click on the option under No Signature or No Signature. Remember, that is under the text. In this tab, you can add a signature by clicking the insert image and uploading the signature that was created using the online signature service. In addition to signatures, here you can also include photos or other information that is important.
Optional: There appears to be a checkbox and writing; paste this signature before the text quote …
The checkbox allows you to keep adding signatures before quoting text in e-mail replies. If you check the box, it will automatically make your digital signature look more under the email. However, it is recommended to check the box for you to use e-mail for professional correspondence, or if you want the signature to be visible in the follow-up message.
  • After the arrangement was felt enough, and you have affixed a digital signature, as well as other information. Then to finish scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Save Changes button. Now your digital signature will appear in all new messages and outgoing emails.



But what if you want to send a signed email using Yahoo, Outlook, or other email services? Take it easy, you can still send signed emails even if you use Yahoo or Outlook, etc. The trick is to use the Send as a feature contained in your Gmail account settings, and click the drop-down menu and select the desired email address. Then automatically, the selected email will load the same message as your Gmail account.

How to Add Signatures in Gmail Via Android or iOS

If you discussed how to add a desktop or computer digital signature, then use a mobile device, Android or iOS.
  • Open the Gmail application. If it doesn’t already exist, please download it officially on the Google Play Store or App Store.


    Then click three horizontal lines in the upper left corner
  •  Then scroll down, select Settings or Settings on the menu
  • Select the email account that you want to add to the signature
  • Then scroll further down to look Mobile Signature or Signature Mobile turned into the desired signature. But here you cannot use a photo signature. So the signature is only in writing
Add Signatures in Gmail Via Android or iOS


Keep in mind: Some people mention that we can display a sign in the form of a photo on a mobile device, the way is by copying and pasting the signature made using the signature service earlier.



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