How to Read WhatsApp Messages without the Sender Knowing

How to Read WhatsApp Messages without the Sender Knowing


One of the most characteristic features of WhatsApp, the messaging application used by millions of users, is the double blue click that shows if a message has been read or ignored. However, there are five tricks with which you can prevent the sender from knowing that you have read the message:

#1. Drag the notification bar down

A simple action that surely everyone does. This allows you to read the message partially or in its entirety without having to open the application.

#2. Use WhatsApp with the airplane mode activated

The first thing to do is activate the airplane mode, this will prevent the WiFi connection or mobile data. and so it is possible to browse the messages with complete peace of mind.
18-Whatsapp-Group-Links-2019#3. Disable clicks
It is one of the simplest options, which can be deactivated in the configuration of notifications, go to “Accounts”, to demarcate “Read received” of the option “Privacy”. However, it will not be possible to know if anyone has read your messages.

#4. Activate the pop-up notification

This option allows to choose the three options that WhatsApp gives to see the emergent notifications. To enable them you must select in the application “Notifications”, “Notifications in the app”, and choose between “Nothing”, “Strips” that appear at the top of the screen and disappear automatically, or “Alerts” in which the message appears in a box on the mobile screen without having to access the application to read it.

#5. Use the mobile phones widget

Android incorporates a widget that, when activated allows you to read WhatsApp messages in a pop-up window, in the same way as “Emergent Notifications”. But one of the disadvantages is that it consumes more battery.

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