Seven ideas for successful Twitter posts


Seven ideas for successful Twitter posts

Good afternoon friends! Today we will talk about the social network Twitter and that it can and should publish. Twitter, by the way, is in the top ten most popular social. networks in Russia , so leave this channel promotion is simply impossible.

It can be quite difficult to find good content in order to maintain interaction with your audience. If you want to attract the attention of the audience on Twitter, then you need to publish not only informative, but also interesting, entertaining content . I don’t know why, but very many people publish only serious tweets, links to articles and that’s where the Twitter promotion ends. In fact, content is something that you should pay more attention to, because the more it is thought out, the more results (retweets, favorites, followers) you will get.

Anyone can dial 140 characters and post it on Twitter. However, companies need to be more thoughtful about tweets to arouse the interest of their audience. Below you will find several interesting options and ideas that will revive your account and make it a more effective tool for promotion.

By the way, these ideas are suitable for other social networks, so even if you do not use Twitter, still see all the options for inspiration. 🙂

#1. Photo collages
Visual content in any social. networks, including Twitter and even LinkedIn, cause more reaction from the audience than dry text publications. By the way, in 2014, Twitter made it possible to publish several photos at once in one tweet .

So, by posting a photo in a tweet, you can add additional depth to your news and messages. People like visual elements, and if they are high quality and fit the content of your text, they greatly increase the opportunity to attract attention.
Example : the world famous company Oreo made a selection of four photos for its marketing campaign, Oreo Snack Hacks. The photo shows interesting ideas for the use of cookies, let’s say, for other purposes, that is, as a separate ingredient for snacks. This simple option is understandable for any audience and copes with its function of attracting attention to the brand.
Just ensure that all the photos you use to promote the company are of high quality. You have to create the impression of a successful brand that respects itself and its users and spares neither money nor time to create high-quality content.

#2. Tips
If you have any tips and useful recommendations related to your product, then do not hesitate to use them to make contact with your audience. Since nowadays people are very busy and always try to quickly find an easy solution to their problems, your tweets will help them save time and increase productivity.

Example : What should a supermarket do on Twitter? What to publish in addition to information about discounts and all coupons? Whole foods supermarket, for example, has no problem creating interesting content. They constantly share tips and recipes with their audiences, as in the example below. “A sweet potato and bacon snack is a great idea for a New Year’s party,” says tweet.
But that is not all. Whole foods does not just publish recipes on your site! The guys think there is very strategic. In each recipe there is a function “add to shopping list”, which is available to registered users. This is a brilliant move for a company that is interested in promoting its products. We, of course, the company is not yet so creative and not very effectively able to combine the promotion on the Internet and social. networks with promotion in the “real world”.

#3. Contests
There is another sure way to increase the number of subscribers not only on Twitter, but also on any other platform – contests. As soon as your audience gets a chance to win some interesting or necessary prize, it will significantly liven up and take heart. Make sure that your contest has the right prizes (!!!), simple rules and not very difficult conditions for participation, since these factors can make people refuse to participate. Organize a simple competition, and you will get a lot of participants and attract a lot of attention to your company or organization.
As much as I did not search, I could not find good examples of contests held by our companies on Twitter. It’s a pity!

#4. Live Broadcast and Chats

Posting tweets about events that occur in real time is a good way to keep your followers up to date. For example, sending messages about the holiday in honor of opening a new store along with photos that are laid out in real time can provoke a significant explosion of attention from the audience, as your readers will feel part of the celebration and will look for themselves in posts (oh yeah, it happens very often, in fact).

Example : during the American Music Awards music ceremony, MTV was very active on Twitter and encouraged its followers to join the conversation. This is an excellent example of positive and effective interaction with the audience in real time.

By the way, in the article How to insert social buttons. networks to the site , I gave some interesting examples of using tweet broadcasts on the company’s website or blog. Look for examples in the Twitter section.

#5. Integrating events and your brand
During campaigns or events, it is necessary to use a unique hashtag for your brand, which will allow it to be noticeable in the conversation – specify your brand and event in one word, thereby creating a memorable keyword. Most of your followers will use this hashtag, and this will create a domino effect when it captures a fairly large audience.

Example : in the framework of the celebration of the day of television, Flipkart organized a competition, in which five of its televisions became the prize. In order to announce it on Twitter, the company created a unique hashtag #TVDayWithFlipkart, and it was later used by the contestants to announce its participation.

#6. Discounts and promotions

One of the ways to promote your products, against which your subscribers do not mind at all, is to announce current discounts and promotions that are held in your company. This helps many followers to buy goods at a lower price or special offer, and it always pleases.

With discounts on Twitter, too, it turns out somehow tight, but still a decent example was found. Almost no one is soaring to create an attractive image for such an advertising tweet, but in vain! Sites and other soc. After all, the networks are full of images about discounts, and as it comes to Twitter, for some reason they forget about the visual content.

Think what tweet is more attractive? This…
I think the answer is obvious.

Another moment, friends. Do not be fooled by followers by offering them a “for them only” discount that actually works for everyone. This is very low and can significantly undermine your confidence in you if they find out about this deception. And to know about it is very easy! We are in the social networks and the Internet after all! If you do make a special discount, then do it honestly.

#7. Quotes and statements

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Everyone likes inspirational quotes, because they provide food for thought and motivate to accomplish. If you use them on your Twitter account, it will certainly bring you popularity among a wide audience . You can choose them on any of the websites, the subject matter can also be varied: from suitable statements by media experts and stars to thoughts about life in general. Quotes usually get the maximum number of retweets and help to quickly spread information and draw attention to your account.

Example : Nike often shares truly inspiring quotes, remembering to add a hashtag with its slogan. It looks like this: “Where there is a will, there is always the possibility of #justdoit #nike”.

Nike is also actively using what is happening around (for example, the onset of winter) and likes to bring a little humor to his tweets. “The bad news? Winter is coming. Good news? You’re not a bear, are you? #justdoit “.
In conclusion, I would like to say the following. Do not treat Twitter as just the possibility of constant self-promotion. Try to mix advertising and informative content with something more light and interesting. This will create a more favorable impression on people who want to follow your news. Use different tools, and see how well your things go.

Good luck with your promotion!

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