The 11 Most Beautiful Cities in the World

Visiting the most beautiful city in the world is the dream of almost everyone.
Many things can be enjoyed such as the view of skyscrapers in major cities of the Americas, historical cathedrals in the corner of the city on the Continent of Europe, to the mountains that underlie exotic cities on the Asian Continent.
Usually, the city is more interesting to explore during the day because the surrounding scenery looks clearer.
However, there are several cities that offer their own beauty when viewed at night.
Beautiful city lights and stars in the sky will provide a new experience that cannot be obtained when adventuring during the day.
Here is the most beautiful city in the world at night that you must visit.

1. Tokyo

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Who doesn’t know this city?
From shopping to cultural and culinary tours, Tokyo will never end.
Kabukicho in Shinjuku is a sleepless town  in Tokyo that you must visit at night.
Views of neon lights and billboards are the main attraction when visiting this area.

2. Prague

As the capital and the largest city in the Czech Republic, Prague is famous for its many interesting places and unique festivals that are mandatory to visit.
In addition, Prague also offers many interesting attractions at night.
The combination of city lights and historic buildings will be a  highlight holiday when visiting this city.

3. Cape Town, the Most Beautiful City in Africa

Cape Town is one of the most beautiful cities on the continent of Africa.
Blessed with extraordinary natural scenery, this city managed to become one of the destinations frequented by foreign tourists.
Enjoying the panorama of Cape Town at night is one of the best experiences you have to try.
Persatuan mountains and cities are doused with amazing night lights will be recorded forever in memory.

4. New York

When talking about the most beautiful city in the world, New York must be one of them.
The beauty of skyscrapers at night is a sight that you cannot miss if you visit this city.
If you want to see the beauty of New York as a whole, visit the  Empire State Building and enjoy the view from the observation deck.

5. Moscow

Visit Red Square, or Krasnaya Ploshad according to local people, if you want to see a lively parade bathed in the beautiful city lights.
In addition, enjoying St. Basil’s Cathedral at the night is one of the activities that should not be missed when visiting here.

6. Athens

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Athens is one of the historic cities in the European Continent that is blessed with stunning views.
If you feel the city offers an ordinary view, wait until sunset.
Witnessing historic sites bathed in the light of lights will provide an extraordinary experience that is difficult to explain words.

7. Hong Kong

Watching Hong Kong at night must be included in the bucket list.
Flanked by the Kowloon Mountains, the view of a successful skyscraper in Hong Kong provides an unforgettable experience for its audience.
Enjoying this view at night will feel more iconic because you can see the Symphony of Lights show that can’t be missed.

8. Venice

As one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Venice offers night views that are no less romantic than other cities.
Enjoying the gondola while illuminated by the dim lights of the city will certainly be an activity that cannot be missed.

9. Bruges

If you are a fan of medieval Europe, this city is a must to visit.
The atmosphere in Bruges is one attraction that cannot be found in other cities.
The best way to visit this city is to enjoy it at night.

10. Las Vegas

Who  does n’t know this city that never sleeps.
With sparkling lights like never-ending, the beauty of Las Vegas at night is difficult to match with the big cities around it.

11. Paris

Besides Venice, Paris is a romantic city that is no less interesting to enjoy at night.
In addition, city architecture and cultural sites that are popular with the Eifel Tower as a backdrop make this city one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

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