What is Expired Domain? Advantages and Disadvantages

Apart from hosting, a website that can be accessed by many people definitely requires a domain that functions as the address of the website. As for examples of domains such as Indoworx.comGoogle.comFacebook.com, and so forth. Uniquely, this domain name turns out that there is only one in the world, in the sense that it cannot be exactly the same and cannot be copied from one another.
But in the world of blogging itself, there is the term expired domain, which is predicted to be good for SEO, backlinks, and the popularity of blogs. Therefore, many bloggers actually buy expired domains rather than buying a new domain. One reason is that by buying expired domains we no longer need to build blog popularity from the start. The point is that expired domains have many benefits for bloggers, so the following are reviews about expired domains and their advantages and disadvantages.

Definition of Expired Domain – What is Expired Domain?

Expired the domain is a domain name that is no longer extended by the owner after entering expiration. If a new domain can usually be purchased at hosting and domain service providers, Indoworx for example. While the expired domain is obtained through an auction held by the registrar. And you may also need to pay a higher price than buying a new domain.
Expired domains can also be likened to a used domain. Although in fact like that, it turns out there are some people who choose to buy expired domains rather than new domains. They consider that there are many benefits to buying a used domain, one of which is no need to build domain popularity from the start.
Expired domains also usually store lots of backlinks, which of course is considered useful for future blog development. That’s a little reason why many professional bloggers actually prefer expired domains rather than new domains.
But that does not mean by buying a domain expired our domain only gets a lot of benefits, but also there are some negative effects of buying a used domain. Therefore, the following is discussed about the advantages and disadvantages of buying expired domains.
·         Advantages of Expired Domain

1. Some Expired Domains Have Good Website Ranking


The advantages, as well as the first advantage, gained when buying an expired domain is that it has a high website ranking so that new owners don’t have to bother to promote the domain from the start. But keep in mind that not all expired domains have good search engine rankings, but only a few domains. Some even have poor ratings.
You are only advised to buy an expired domain that has a high website ranking, because expiring a domain that has a mediocre ranking won’t give you much influence. The point is always checking first the domain expired ranking before you buy it.

2. Some Expired Domains Have Quality Backlinks


In short, if you buy an expired domain, automatically all backlinks that have been built by the old owner also belong to you. In this case, you need to do that is just add or modify existing backlinks. Moreover, usually, some expired domains store quality backlinks, of course, it will be very beneficial for the development of your blog going forward.
Keep in mind, only quality backlinks will give influence and benefits to your blog. Whereas if the domain is expired, it saves a lot of quality backlinks, so that won’t bring you many benefits. Even non-quality backlinks can reduce blog rankings.

3. Avoid Google Penalty

If you get an expired domain that has a good track record in search engines, such as traffic, site ranking, and backlink. With these criteria, it seems that the new owner is staying up to being able to avoid the alleged use of illegal promotion techniques or suspicion of other actions which of course can cause a decrease in the ranking of the site in search engines.
However, only expired domains that have these criteria can take advantage of this. And that means we have to be careful when we want to buy an expired domain, always consider the risks of buying an expired domain. Because expired domains can not only provide benefits, but also many that actually harm you.
·         Lack of Expired Domain

1. Invalid Alexa Ranking

As mentioned earlier that not all expired domains will bring benefits to you. You could find an expired domain with an invalid ranking. Invalid what is meant here is the expired domain shows a high ranking, but when activated the ranking actually decreases. This means that the domain expired ranking is invalid.
This incident often happens, and there is no way but to buy it to ascertain whether an expired domain has a valid ranking or just the opposite. This is a rather big risk. Because if you get an expired domain that is highly ranked and valid, it means you are lucky. Whereas if you find a domain that has a high ranking but is invalid, surely that domain will harm you.

2. The Domain Has Been Affected by Google Penalty

Some sites do sometimes do illegal actions such as spamming, using Black Hat SEO techniques and so on to increase traffic and increase the ranking of the site. As a result of using illegal actions, it is not surprising if the site gets sanctions from search engines.
Google’s sanctions are usually in the form of deleting the index so that all content on the offender’s site will not appear in the search results. Indirectly this indicates your site is blacklisted by Google.
The danger, if it turns out you are buying expired domains that are subject to Google penalties then this will hurt you. Although actually, the new owner can send a petition to Google to return the domain to the index, it is less likely to succeed. Plus there are not many ways that can be used to find out whether the domain expired has been subject to Google’s penalty or not.

3. Low Quality Backlinks

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Before buying an expired domain, it is strongly recommended to check the backlinks listed first, whether the backlinks come from real sites or not. Because some fraudulent sites easily get backlinks using the link farm. Although using the link farm is also classified as a backlink, unfortunately, the backlinks that are obtained are not quality.
It should be noted that the number of backlinks cannot be a reference in buying expired domains. But what needs to be considered is how high quality backlinks are at the expired domain.

4. Previous Domain Owners Use the Domain for Negative Purposes

One of the things to watch out for in buying an expired domain is whether the previous owner used the domain for good purposes or not. And if the previous owner uses the domain for negative purposes, then you can be sure you will also be affected.
For example, previous owners use for adult content, spread hate speech, HOAX news, and other negative goals. Of course, the domain will have a bad reputation going forward. It could be vulnerable to Google penalties.

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